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IMPORTANT: Keita and Kazuki ARE NOT RELATED. Nii-san does mean 'older brother', but it can also be used to refer to a person who is like an older brother. Which is the case here. So no, this is not incest.

Based on the KeitaxKazuki pairing of the anime Gakuen Heaven, which is based on a yaoi game.

I love this pair to death. Kazuki is so handsome and Keita so cute. I also love this anime because it ended happily, which I noticed tends to be rare in cases of shounen ai and yaoi stories.

And yep, once again I have a movie maker for a little while. Really need to buy it for myself rather then using these demos. XP

NOTE: To those who have rated and not commented. If you're going to rate poorly, at least leave a comment stating what you didn't like about this. And if you're commenting because you hate yaoi/shounen ai...then that's just pathetic that you go into videos like this (with warnings to) and rate it badly. I hope you find a better use for your sad life in that case.

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