GIMP 2.3 Tutorial - The User Interface

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This video explains the user interface of the GIMP. The goal of the tutorial is to make you understand how the user interface works, so that you can explore GIMP without being hindered by the user interface. Excuse my abuse of the word 'and'. At 2:48 when I say 'layers', I mean 'dialogs'. The sentence should read:
"This is where I usually grab my dialogs."

Tutorial FAQ
Q: I only have one window :( What's wrong?

A: By default GIMP is configured to save window positions on exit. If you only get one window when you start GIMP, that's what the saved window configuration is. You can reset this to default by going to 'File / Preferences / Window Management' and clicking the 'Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values' button. Here you can also disable that GIMP should save window configuration on exit, as well as save current window configuration. This way you can make sure that GIMP will always start with a specific window configuration independant of the window configuration you had when you closed GIMP.

Technical/Misc information
The video was created with recordMyDesktop and MEncoder, recorded on the Ubuntu linux distribution (version 6.10)

And yeah, unfortunately the sound quality sucks, but I don't feel like a re-recording.

Feel free to spread the video in YouTube-embedded format as much as you like.
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