Tiberian Sun Part 2

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My Take,
My take on the game Tiberian Sun, with Fire Storm, from the first decade DVD.

Tiberian Sun

Come watch the forces of GDI and their fearless commander McNeil fight his way to To defeat Kane and his Brotherhood of Nod.


Michael Biehn (Michael McNeil)
James Earl Jones (James Solomon)
Athena Massey (Brink)
Kris Iyer (Chandra)
Christopher Winfield (Tratos - Tiberian Sun)
Christine Steele (Umagon)
Athena Massey (Brink)
Jessica Straus (Voice of EVA)
Joseph D. Kucan (Kane)
Frank Zagarino (Anton Slavik)
Monika Schnare (Oxanna Kristos)
Andoni Maropis (Hassan)
Nils Allen Stewart (Mutant Commando)
Milton James (Voice of Cabal)

I was more in getting the main video plot then getting the Game play. The game playing part is done in high speed playing and then speedup for video length time to be shortened.

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