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RUKHSANA MURTAZA: The Most Talented and Popular Singer of International Caliber. She started her career as the only female Kashmiri Singer at a very young age of fifteen from Radio Pakistan in 1992. in due course she proved to be the most versatile singer and have sung more than 1500 songs in Kashmiri, Punjabi, Potohari, Pahari, Gojri, Urdu and lots of other Regional Languages. She is a linguistic artist by nature. Rukhsana Murtaza has also sung songs in Chinese, Arabic and Persian on the respective country's anniversaries and have received acknowledgment and appreciation from their natives and diplomats. She has uncountable awards, certificates and appreciation shields on her credit that have been awarded by PBC.PTV.PNCA.KNCA, Kashmir council and lots of other societies associations and arts promoting organizations. She has represented Pakistan in countries like UK. USA. UAE. Undoubtedly Rukhsana Murtaza's melodious voice is a singing asset of Pakistan. Born on March 1977, Pisces gives her a true artistic nature and being on cusp Aries influences with its practical approach. She is not a day dreamer but a very humble, friendly, respectful, straight forward committed and practical person. She did her masters in Urdu in first class first division from Punjab University, and comes from a respectable, educated and moderate family from Mian Wali. Her father Ghulam Murtaza Niazi was a very disciplined army officer, that reflects in her personality too.
Since school days Rukhsana Murtaza has remain the blue eyed ball of her teachers, because of her God gifted talent she always brought laurel to her institution by winning 1st prize in each and every singing competition. She remembers her teachers specially Mrs. Shaista Zaid (PTV. English News Caster) who taught and encouraged her in bringing up her talent to the public at college level for which, she is extremely grateful to her.
She is very sharp and prompt in learning and reproducing tunes and compositions that differentiates her among her colleagues. Her sense of pronunciation helps her to sing songs in different languages as well Chinese got flabagasted when they heard her singing Chinese song on their 50th anniversary ceremony telecasted by PTV. She sings with confidence and command.
She always appreciates, respects and encourages her fellow mates. Because of her lively and friendly nature she is very popular among those who have worked with her or met her.
Rukhsana Murtaza has worked with a number of renowned Music Composers namely, Wahjahat Atre who introduced her to film industry, Kashmiri Composer Mukhtar Ahmed who introduced her to Radio Pakistan, Maestro Khalid Siddiqui under whose guidance made her debut possible for Pakistan Television and the maximum compositions she has sung is of Khalid Siddiqui's, M. Abdullah whose composition "Dunya Kay Munsifo" gave her recognition, Mohsin Raza, Mujahid Hussain and a number of other respected composers of Pakistan, she has worked. Mr. Khalid Siddiqui and Rukhsana are working on their Urdu songs album which will be releasing soon.
She has a remarkable talent of performing live on stage and shows. She knows the art of carrying audience with her. She is one of the most well dressed and well groomed artist. Beside singing Rukhsana is a beautician too. She holds A+ grade diploma from Punjab Beautician Technical Board and later did refresher courses from UK. Her esthetic sense is outstanding.
Rukhsana got married to Javed Khan Niazi in 1996 and is a mother of a lovely daughter Ramla and adorable son Ahmed, who enjoys her love and affection. She is thankful to her most loving parents, brothers and sister for always being beside her and made possible for her to give best of her performance.
She enjoys a special place in the heart of every Kashmiri living in both the parts of Kashmir. They out of respect awarded her titles like "Bulbul-E-Kashmir" and "Singing Queen of Kashmir". Her voice echoes in the whole Neelam Valley. 'Meray Watan' and 'Dunya Kay Musifo' are her most popular songs. Taus Banehali, a renowned poet of Kashmir acknowledged her melodious voice as the true reflection of Kashmiri emotions. Nun of the occasion related to Kashmir cause is complete without her songs. When the disastrous earth quake shook Neelam Valley Rukhsana Murtaza through her melodious voice contributed a lot for the victims and enthusiastically participated in fund raising activities in collaboration with various national and international NGOS.
Now a days she is working on her Urdu songs album with PTV's reknowned Music Composer/Lyricist Khalid Siddiqui and is hope full that it will be a success when it releases. Three of her music videos directed by Mr. Khalid Siddiqui have already been released on different TV. Channels. Her song video YAAD is on air from UK on "B4Music"

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