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Have gotten lots of questions about this vid. I will try to answer the most common ones here.

#1) The ring Donna wears is similiar to the one the Rani wears in the old show, but it isn't exactly the same. This is why I didn't use the comparison in the video. As for her ring shining at particular times, it does but I don't think it really means anything. Of course, I could be wrong. It might be one of those odd clues that doesn't seem to mean anything that R.T.D. loves to throw in.

#2) It is never shown who's hand picks up the Master's ring at the end of "Last of the Time Lords". I suspect it was supposed to be the Master's wife but it very could have been Donna. If it was her then it would fit with my theory because even though they didn't like each other, the Rani and the Master were both deeply intertwined together in the Doctor's personal history. All 3 of them, along with the Time Meddler (a.k.a. the Meddling Monk), formed a clique at the Acadamy on Galifrey together when they were young.

#3) The Latin word "dona", from which comes the name Donna, means "lady". The Latin word "nobis", or Noble, means "we" or "us", whereas in English it means "royalty", as does the word "Rani". Donna constantly refered to herself as "just a temp", which of course has two meanings. The Latin word "tempus", the root word of "temporary", means "time". Temp in English means "something which is not permanent". This could be a clue that subconsciously she knew that "she" was not real, just a "temp" self. Just like "John Smith" was a "temp" self for the Doctor, or the Master's "Yana" self. So if we take the Latin for "the temp Donna Noble" we come up with "Tempus Dona Nobis" which can be directly translated as "We, the Time Lady". This is why I titled the vid "I, Rani". It seems to fit, dont you think?

#4) Dalek Caan said he manuevered things so that the Doctor would re-meet Donna because he knew that was how Davros could be stopped. But he said nothing about why it had to be Donna. This implies that he knew there was something special about her from his travels in the time-stream since he disappeared before Donna began traveling with the Doctor in season 4. But because this was such an oblique reference I decided not to use it. Also when the Tardis was burning and Donna was trapped inside, Dalek Caan did say that "the last child of Galifrey was helpless". The question is...was he speaking of the Doctor, or Donna?

#5) Other people have touched the hand (or it's container) and not set off a "Biological Metacrisis". Jack carried it around with him, Martha touched it, and the girl host of the 'sex-gas' alien in Torchwood's season one episode 'Day One' touched it and nothing happened to them. Even the newly-regenerated Master touched it proving that it could tell the difference between a 'real' Time Lord and a 'temp' one. If you notice, "Yana" never does touch it.

#6) The Tardis door slams shut all by itself trapping Donna inside with the hand. This implies that the Tardis herself knows something we don't.

#7) In one episode (and for the life of me I can't remember which right now but I'm sure someone will tell in a comment) Donna is flying the Tardis solo. She says to the Doctor "I can't believe I'm doing this!", to which he replies "No, neither can I." This implies that she has a certain rapport with Tardis-type machines. I wish I had remebered that scene when I was making the vid because it would have fit very well I think.

#8) Donna's last words to the doctor are "Yeah, see ya". She then continues talking on the phone, but her last words as the doctor leaves the room are "Listen, listen, this is important. Susie Mair´╗┐ wouldn't lie."
We know Russell T Davies likes anagrams (Torchwood - Doctor Who, Osterhogen - Earth's gone). How about this:

Susie Mair wouldn't lie = I wield Rani's mute soul.

If any more questions continue to come up I will post more answers here. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments you have left.

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