Mermaid Melody AMV

By: Michi91Isolde


Uploaded on March 16, 2007 by Michi91Isolde Powered by YouTube

Oh, such an origional title... *sarcastic, to the extreme*
Anyways, this is my first AMV using the Mermaid Melody episode 13, season 1. I used the song "Skizukana Yoru Ni", sung by Tankaka Rie in "Gundam Seed". I own neither.
Enjoy...? ^_^;

Update (simply so I don't get flamed, on DailyMotion!):
This video is now on DailyMotion, under the account "Isolde_Michi"! That's my DailyMotion Account, so don't confuse me, with a Video-Stealer!!!

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