Michael Jordan "A Star is Born" (THE INTRO)

By: falkner23


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The Intro Video for my new Michael Jordan MIX "A Star is Born" which is coming soon.

.Boogie Down Productions.


New Mix Coming Soon

Michael Jordan "A Star is Born"

what you will see in the up & coming video :

lots of highlights from the 1980's & 1990's, dunks, jumpshots,silky smooth J, layups, and 1's, alley oops, playing basketball, flying, gliding, power, strength, finesse, body control, contact, fouls, freethrows, scoops, double clutch, double pump, reverse, finger roll, spin move, crossover, dribbling, shooting, scoring, blocking shots, stealing the ball, defense, offense, playmaker, getting assists, dimes, no look passes, hangtime, wet shots, ballin, trash talk, hustle, great energy, confidence, great skills, clutch, ice cold, assassin, competetive, hops, a legend, greatest of alltime, shooting the rock, crazy nasty sick skills & moves, game winning shots, players destroyed owned, swat, pump fake, jab step, stutter step, post moves, hestitation moves, quick first step, great explosiveness, above the rim, got game, buzzer beater nothing but net, these are some of the things you will see in my michael jordan mixes COMING SOON

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