NBA 2K12 My Player - Squeeze

By: Smoove7182954


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If you missed part 1 of the intro, Bored at the Strip Club, click here!

This game went down to the wire! Enjoy!

2:50 Buzzer beater Smoove 2 Smoove!
4:25 Splash
5:32 CPU throws a lob
6:08 Buzzer beater splash
7:04 Another Smoove 2 Smoove!
8:13 Bumped splash
8:48 Windmill dunk
8:58 BS defense
10:05 Crazy block by J Smoove!
10:26 Smoove 2 Smoove!
11:10 J Smoove fading at the buzzer
11:24 Noob move!
12:02 We need a timeout down 4!
12:40 J Smoove buzzer beater 3!
12:52 Sp-sp-sp-sp-splash!
14:34 Press Conference

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