Inkjet Cartridge Refilling

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Priced at $1995, the EasyFill is the industry's most affordable way to vacuum-fill cartridges. Our custome...
Priced at $1995, the EasyFill is the industry's most affordable way to vacuum-fill cartridges. Our customers have asked for a precision, low-cost machine -- and this is it. The EasyFill is a quality machine designed for primary or supplemental filling, and is ideal for filling specialty or occasional cartridges. Now you can expand production at your existing or satellite locations, without breaking the bank! The EasyFill's proprietary, horizontal valve assembly was ergonomically engineered for ease-of-use. The valves and hoses are manufactured with durable, chemically inert materials, resulting in precision flow-control and trouble-free operation. With its universal vacuum-fill chamber, the EasyFill puts OEM filling technology in the hands of everyone. The EasyFill's powerful vacuum pump quickly evacuates 95% of the air, eliminating troublesome air bubbles from the cartridge and print head -- ensuring successful refills. Now you can process all of the popular integrated and non-integrated sponge cartridges, making the EasyFill an indispensable asset to any size operation. Features OEM Vacuum-Fill Technology Universal Vacuum Chamber Semi-automatic Operation Precision needle-guide alignment Proprietary Horizontal Valve design Chemically Inert valve & hose construction Compact Footprint (only 16 x 10 x 10)! Low voltage electronics Benefits Low-cost, high-quality solution Eliminates air bubbles to ensure remanufacturing success Maximum cartridge compatibility Precision flow control Ergonomic, easy-to-use design. Durable, trouble-free operation Enhances Workflow & Boosts Production! No Compressor required