Lightworkers, Starseeds & Rejection

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Are you a Lightworker, Starseed or simply feel "different" than most? Do you feel like you're on a ...
Are you a Lightworker, Starseed or simply feel "different" than most? Do you feel like you're on a mission in this life, on this planet, to spread love & light; to help people wake up to who they really are & to help raise the consciousness of this planet? Perhaps you're just starting to wake up, but feel afraid of the rejection you might face for changing, for speaking up, for being "different." Have you ever been criticized and rejected for the way you think/ feel/ do? Perhaps you haven't experienced too much yet, but are afraid of that criticism and rejection you could face by being your authentic self and speaking up! If so, I have a message for you in this vlog!!! :) I feel that rejection is to be expected on this planet! I don't go around looking for it, but realize that many people are on different wavelengths than I. Saying this doesn't mean to imply that others are less or more superior than me, for we are all essentially the same. We are ALL children of God/ Goddess/ Souce in my opinion. When I understood and accepted that a lot of people who rejected me in the past (because of the way I think about the world, because of the "crazy" things I'm into) were simply rejecting themselves, it became a lot easier to NOT let their attitudes and opinions affect me! I could see that when they criticized and rejected the spiritual & knowing side of me, they were simply rejecting the spiritual & knowing side of them and projecting that rejection on to me!!! Once I really got that, it made it easy for me to stop caring, to simply be myself and speak my truth all the time! Now, I don't even care what anyone thinks because I have developed such a strong relationship with me. I've accepted me for me, and the funny thing is this- In this day, I hold nothing back; I'll talk all about the "crazy" things I'm into and find that most of the people I attract into my life are completely on my wavelength and accept me for me!!! I have found that the more you accept yourself, the more people will come into your life who accept you! So BE YOURSELF, dive into the fear of the unknown and know that even if people criticize you, that everything will be ok!!! There's nothing to be afraid of! This isn't the olden days where you were burned at a stake for stepping outside of convention, thinking outside of the box (of religion and science) and speaking your mind! LOL! People might criticize you, but you have the ability to let it go, to NOT take it personally or allow it to affect your hustle! It's time to be a spiritual hustler baby! I just want you to know, (me singing...haha... you know the song??) keep speaking your truth and watch how your life transforms into one of love, harmony, empowerment and peace! Know that support will always be there for you along your journey!!! I support and love you unconditionally and so do SO MANY others on this planet if we simply allow them to! Open your heart! Speak from your heart and allow others to support you in you truth cause they're out there! I think a lot of us might be shocked to know how many supportive, open-minded people there are out there! Really! So let's make this the best life EVER by being the powerful Lightworkers we are ALL meant to be!!! I wanna see you shine, baby!!! Namaste :)