It Started With A Kiss Opening Theme Sequence

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This is a short clip taken from Episode 1 of Taiwanese smash hit idol series, It Started With A Kiss [E Zuo Ju Zhi Wen] starring Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng & Jiro Wang. It starts from the after Xiangqing tried to give a love letter to Zhishu who coldly rejected ignored her which then cuts to the opening theme sequence of the themesong, Say U Love Me right up until the end of that sequence. From the opening sequence which I thought was brilliantly done, you will kinda know the various relationships, personalities & characters from this series. This is meant as a companion piece to my review of this series found in as I can't seem to find this clip in here. You may find another companion piece to this, which is various clips of all the kissing scenes in this series if I have the energy to do it or if I can't find that in here. You can download this clip for your offline viewing pleasure at The DVD is available for purchase as well although the English subs really really suck big time (referring to the version bought at Sg Wang Plaza's Hong Kong Video where the Chinese subtitles can be turned off - I can't find the distributor's name on the box), sometimes I feel like I should volunteer my service to these people. Imagine Jiang Zhishu became "River Keep A Tree" in the translation. Essentially correct but still awful. [Funn Lim]

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