Cleopatra Stratan's Gita

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Cleopatra Stratan - 3 Year Old Romanian Child Star.Cleopatra Stratan, the 3 year old who has hit the Romanian music charts big, seems to have become famous because her childlike singing and childlike charms are something different . . . she has not been made into a miniature adult or been thrust into the latest gore-ridden horror flick. In Eastern Europe, children are still children and generally must be protected as such; Cleopatra's father has refused monetary offers to market her. With her oversized suitcase, pink plastic sunglasses, and disheveled pigtails, Cleopatra is singing an innocuous song about a missing person named Ghita, who could be her big brother, uncle, or friend - no innuendos here. Even though it's obvious her voice has been engineered to a certain extent, she's still adorable.

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