Queen of Babylon - 1 - Rhonda Fleming Ricardo Montalban

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Queen of Babylon (1955) starring Rhonda Fleming and Ricardo Montalban. Directed by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia.

Queen of Babylon is a pre-Hercules Peplum. Made in 1955 but release only in August 1956 in the US, the Italian film is a showcase for two non-Italian actors, the beautiful Rhonda Fleming (Semiramis) and the dashing Ricardo Montalban (Amal).

Even if Ricardo is almost bare-chested throughout the movie which is more appropriate for the PEPLUMz, it's really a romance/romantic adventure and it needed to be uploaded here at SapphoPEPLUM channel. From what I can hear, Ricardo's voice is dubbed but not Rhonda's voice. It's probably because the producers didn't want Amal to have a Mexican accent.


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