Eric Cartman Hitler Speech (ENG)

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NOTE: As any South Park fans would know, I do not own South Park. Its the 2 great guys by the name of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, who owns South Park.

From the South Park episode: The Passion of the Jew (Season 8: Episode 4)

I've uploaded this as I couldn't find any English version up in youtube... Well ENJOY!

PS: For you curious South Park fans who wanna know what they are saying, here are the words and translation!

Es ist Zeit für ausrotten!
Wir müssen die Juden ausrotten.
Es ist Zeit für Reich!!

[If there are any mistakes, let me know!]

It is a time for exterminate!
We must exterminate the Jews.
It is a time for Reich!!

[NO OFFENSE TO ANYONE! If anyone took any offense for this... Please stop watching South Park...]

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