(MSNBC NEWS UPDATE) On Toddler Trapped in Washing Machine! (May 23, 2012)



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A game of peek-a-boo between a babysitter and this toddler turned into a frightening few minutes at a New Jersey laundromat when the boy became trapped in a spinning washing machine. The surveillance video from the Camden, N.J. facility on May 11 has gone viral online, garnering millions of hits on YouTube. It shows the father jokingly putting his son in the washing machine as the child's mother watches.After he closes the door, it locks — and the automatic wash cycle begins. As the child tumbles inside for more than a minute, his mother screams for help. "Playing peek-a-boo with a child in the dryer and in a washer? That's ridiculous,'' the laundromat owner told Fox 29 in Philadelphia. A quick-thinking store employee shoved two tables out of the way and hit the circuit breaker to disable the machine. The parents still couldn't get the door to budge, but the employee was able to pry it open. The boy only had a few bruises but was otherwise all right, according to witnesses."He's a hero,'' the laundromat owner said about her employee. "He saved the child's life.'' The family rushed out of the business after the incident while a staffer called police. The father came back an hour later to retrieve the family's clothes and said the boy was fine. Camden police are searching for the family, and the case has been referred to the state's Division of Youth and Family Services. The child is not the first to have a close encounter with a washing machine, including one that turned fatal in March. The 21-month-old son of an Oregon couple fell into a top-loading washer and drowned on March 23, according to a report by The Deseret News. When his mother discovered him in the machine, he was stuck under the water and she could not pull him out. Once she pulled his head above the water, she could tell he had no heartbeat or pulse. Neighbors tried CPR to revive him, but the couple eventually decided to take him off life support after he suffered irreparable brain damage.
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