Emax Mini Chinook and TX Mods..

By: NightFlyyer


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I love these twin rotored helicopters as I have been around them all my life.

This is a tiny version by Emax and I really enjoy flying it, but only after I modded my Transmitter, to conform with all my other helis.
I did that by putting the tail rotor control back on the left stick, as it is with all Mode II helicopter radios.

I got this from Xheli.com. Here is a link for you to check availability.

It flies a good 10 minutes on a single cell battery.

Cute, flies nice once controls figured out.


The charger that came with it, did not work well, so I have been charging it on my Triton Charger with no problem.

Also, the rear top rotor blade and the front flybar weight were touching in flight, so I cut 1/32 off the blades of the rear rotor and now it flies fine.
Fixing this and flying with gentle fingers will provide lots of fun for $50.

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