✿ TERA Online - Character Creation

By: cuddleofdeath


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You can subscribe to the show to insure that you never miss an upload of TERA Online here: http://www.youtube.com/show?p=KnSIAuD0Y8s&s=1 Creating my TERA character live :D This is just to show my viewers that I will be playing TERA online, so if any of my subs are - they can inform me of that as well. Server: Valley of The Titans [PVP] TERA "TERA Online" MMO MMORPG "TERA Character Creation" "Valley of The Titans" "TERA Realm" "TERA collector's edition" "TERA tank" "TERA lancer" lancer slayer sorceress mystic priest "TERA Early Start" "TERA May 1st" "TERA Release date" "TERA April 20th" "early start" walkthrough playthrough help tips lp "let's play"
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