New Beginnings; Episode 19 [18+]

By: Nicole Brinley


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Episode 18: I woke up the next morning to realize that it was only Thursday. Ugggh! I looked over to Julia's bed to find her sound asleep. I giggled to myself and got out of bed and walked into the closet. By now I've figured out that the 'magic clothes mirror' can talk. "Hey Titus!" I say, waking up Titus 'the magical mirror.' "Good Morning," Titus's robotic voice said. "What are you looking for today?" I looked through all of the different clothes options as Titus scrolled through them. "Ummm how about the Power Puff Girl sweatshirt, the black jeggings, the uhh, red UGGs, the red bracelet..." I trailed off still looking at the enormous selection. "May I suggest the red flower earrings, the lightning bolt ring, and the heart necklace?" Titus suggested. "Great idea Titus!" I gleed. I put my hand through Titus (yeah, I know it sounds weird. lol) and grabbed my outfit. I put my outfit on and walked out of the closet and found Julia standing there dressed, with make-up and all. I jumped back a little. "Woah." I said, startled. "What?" "Ho-w-Ho- How did you do that?" "Do what?" she asked, confusion all over face. I looked at her in disbelief,"How did you get changed that fast?" "I don't know. I guess I'm getting faster at it?" she replied, shrugging. Weird. I walked into the bathroom and up to the mirror to apply my makeup. As I was applying my makeup I felt arms wrap around my waist. "You don't need that makeup. You're just as beautiful without it," Logan said, gently kissing my cheek. I faced him,"Awh, you're so sweet, but I do need it." I smiled and quickly pecked his lips. "Alright," he smirked and slapped my ass. "Hey!" I shrieked. "Bye sweetie!" he winked and walked out the door. That boy. I swear. DURING ART Since Ms.Peach had to stay back at school in Miami we had this new teacher who was born here in Starkore! Her name was Zeena. She said not to call her Ms. Zeena because it makes her 'feel old.' She had a short blonde bob with aqua highlights and bright purple cat slits as eyes. Zeena looked like she was in her mid-twenties. "Good morning my little starlets!" Zeena said, very bubbly. She was also a very very VERY energetic and happy person. "Morning," the class said. "So today, you will pair up and draw a portrait of your partner using," Zeena glanced over at her desk, picking up a metal box thing and a pen, "these. This right here," she said holding up the metal box," is a drawing tablet. This pen," she said holding up the metal pen," is a plutonium pen that you will use to draw on the tablet. This pen has different buttons you can press to change color, font, style, color, etc. You may now choose your partners and begin." I paired up with Taylor, Julia paired up with Jane, and Harry paired up with guy I have never seen before. He had light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was pretty cute but not so much where I was head over heels for him. Taylor and I sat at an empty table, across from each other. We grabbed a tablet and a pen. I started to draw the outline of Taylor's face. LATER "Time's up! Everyone show your parents your drawings and then you may show the class." Zeena spoke. Taylor looked down at her picture then to me and back to her picture a laughed. Oh God. For all I know she gave me a mustache or something. "I'll go first," Taylor said, giggling. She turned around her picture for me to see this I laughed," Do I look like a ladybug to you Taylor?" She smiled and nodded vigorously. "Your turn!" Taylor squealed. I slowly turned my tablet around. I knew she wouldn't like it. Taylor gasped. "How do you draw like that?" "What? I thou-," I turned the tablet back towards me. This drawing looks nothing like how I drew it. This drawing should be a lot worse! How did this happen? ~~~~~~~~~~ This was the second episode I didn't put into parts! Lol! Did you like it? I love your guys's comments! Never forget that! xoxox
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