Choir / Bike Flashmob Central Station Brussels

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The first choir flash mob: singing, trial bike & beat box.
All together, to promote a good cause, a bicycle event for 11.11.11, a non-profit who fights for a fairer world without poverty.

A realisation featuring:
Choreo: Petra Hanskens
Music score & choir conductor: Kristof Aerts
Beat boxers: Céto, Primitiv, Djofn
Trial bikers: Kenny Belaey, Iciar Van den Bergh, Wesley Belaey, Andy Masschelin, Steven Vanheste, Rodrique Insuelme, Filip Meirhaeghe
Main choirs:
Les Cérises, Leuvens Universitair Koor, Amarylca, Gynaika, Waelrant, Alstublieft Dankuwel, singsing!
Nordin De Moor; Tine Anthonis & Jorien Van Bouwel (Cantilene), Axelle Gijselinckx, Dorien De Bleser , Emma Verwimp (Carmina); Stéphania Casneuf, Mélicia Casneuf, Sofie De Bois en Lin Daems (Studio 100 choir), Marit Van Atten & Brenda Bakker (Universitair Koor Antwerpen); Inge Piryns

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