Street Fighter Alpha 3: Juni's Full Storyline and Ending

By: theninjajosh


Uploaded on October 27, 2007 by theninjajosh Powered by YouTube

All story line and dialog sequences from Juni's SFA3 game. Each win quote, mid-boss conversation and her full ending. No fighting, just talking. Made using the Dreamcast version of the game since it has more quotes and fixes some grammatical errors from the arcade release. High res version available for viewing and download at Most other videos on youtube use the arcade version that only has 4 win quotes, this video has all 8 that are available in the home version. Care has been taken to preserve the correct aspect ratio. There is some distortion of the sound that comes from the converter box I'm using. I've had no luck eliminating this, but will replace the affected videos if I ever fix the problem.

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