Lord of the Flies- Chapter 5

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Lord of the Flies- Chapter 5.

To highlight the point- this is not my promotion of the film. In my opinion this version is pure over exaggerated, explicit, unnecessary garbage. This video is aimed at GCSE students to help them revise by capturing the most important moments of Chapter 5 of the book. In other words, for those who do not understand what I'm trying to say- STOP COMMENTING ON HOW THIS VERSION OF THE FILM IS A DISGRACE, AND HOW AMERICAN MEDIA ALWAYS RUINS CLASSICS! INSTEAD, MAKE PRODUCTIVE COMMENTS THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY HELP STUDENTS LEARN SOMETHING AS OPPOSED TO READING SAME RUBBISH PAGE AFTER PAGE

I was asked to make a little video as part of our revision notes for our GCSE English Exams. I couldn't get my hands on the 1960's version of the film so I had to use this American one.

The way in which I've edited it is:

-Ive picked out what I thought were the most important points in the chapter

-Ive found parts of the film that illustrate the key points (the American version I've used does not follow a precise order, therefore i had to cut/paste stuff throughout the video)

-Ive added minor effects to emphasize certain points such as segregation and fear

-In places where the movie completely gets everything wrong, I've added quotes from the book that are supposed to fit in the scene.



The Song Is- 'Any other name' by Thomas Newman

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