Kiss Of Monochrome

By: SuwaIzura


Uploaded on December 31, 2008 by SuwaIzura Powered by YouTube

Animes: Kuroshitsuji and Loveless
Pairings: Sebastian x Ciel and Soubi x Ritsuka
Song: Kiss of Monochrome (Kuroshitsuji OP)
Warnings: Shonen Ai, Shotacon, Boy x Boy

Don't like, don't watch!

I don't own animes or song. his video is purely FANMADE. I don't make any profit with it.


A vid I started a long time ago and finished during the last months x333 Nothing special, I just love the song. And the couples xDDD

Sebastian, Ciel, Kuroshitsuji, Black, Butler, Soubi, Ritsuka, Loveless, Anime, Shonen, Ai, Shotacon, Slash, Art & Animation
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