Charice Sings Live-Popular "Tagalog" Love Song, Hanggang (Until) with Lyrics + English Subtitles

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I think what sets Charice apart from other singers is that she sings with so much passion and soul. Singing Hanggang (until or as long as) is a testimony to her singing prowess and as a versatile singer. She has the ability to capture an audience and move them with her vocal skills. Every time she performs, she sings like shes telling a story, only with notes. She always sings like it was her last performance. She always gives it her all, regardless of whether shes on a big stage or just a small one.
Charice reaches a wide range of audience—from toddlers to teens to middle-age fans.
She caters not only to girls but also to grown men. Funny, men saying that they are death metal fanatics but have high regard for Charice. Some say that they are hardcore music fans but when they hear Charice, they are surprised to find tears in their eyes. Thats how powerful her singing is—pure and emotional.
Hannggang was originally a Tagalog Filipino Love song, popularized by recording artist Wency Cornejo under Star Records of ABS-CBN and composed by husband and wife Roni & Gigi Cordero.
Watch Charice Live in Concert with David Foster & Friends on Saturday May 9th, 2009 at Mandalay Bay Events Center - All On One Spectacular Night

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