Super Punch-Out!! Speed Run [Seg 2]

By: Pokey


Uploaded on April 19, 2012 by Pokey Powered by YouTube

I gained a ton of time on this segment compared to the run on SDA. Bob Charlie- He can be beaten a little faster but it requires insane luck. It already takes an insane amount of luck to land 7 punches on him without moving left/right (I would get 7 punches in once every 15 attempts) so I didn't want to bother adding more luck to the fight. Dragon Chan- Pretty easy fight. It requires luck for him to meditate after the knockdown instead of kicking so I lost many attempts due to that. Masked Muscle- This fight also requires luck as far as I can tell. He would randomly block my punches even if I did the same pattern every time. Mr. Sandman- The only fight in this circuit that doesn't require luck. The timing is tricky on some of the super punches but I pulled it off. This was the first attempt that I got past Dragon Chan. I was extremely lucky to get Masked Muscle to cooperate correctly and I'm glad that I beat Mr. Sandman my first try to him in an attempt. Segment Time: 34:19 Total Time: 1:09.76 Comparison with SDA run this segment: Ahead 12.21 :D Comparison with SDA run this entire run: Ahead 15.65 :DD
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