Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley, The Battle for Supremacy

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On Jan 24, 2009 Shane Mosley demonstrated a brilliant game plan to snatch a shocking victory against the most feared fighter from Tijuana, Mexico. The boxing world could not believe the turn of event. In an instant almost everyone jumped into conclusion that sugar shane is nothing but a great fighter, a master technician, a legend.
One may think that Mosley vs Pacquiao is a very ambitious match-up, if not ridiculous. The cards on the table say Manny Pacquiao should have at least two more big fights (it should be 2 big wins) before this bout against Mosley comes into fruition. And Mosley may stay in limbo for a while as he is still savoring his recent success. Perhaps a rematch with Cotto or Margo will come next. And then who knows... The boxing world may find this inevitable. Shane Mosley vs Manny Pacquiao. The Battle for Supremacy.

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