Timbaland - Bounce (Step Up 2 Remix) 320kbps

By: masktheend


Uploaded on May 14, 2008 by masktheend Powered by YouTube

This is exclusively Timbaland, with no other songs from the movie. I might make a full remix of the final dance sequence at a later time.
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The file is 41,000khz at 320kbps. I found remixes on you tube, but they were all wrong. So i decided to remix it myself. This is the Step it up 2 remix of Bounce by Timbaland.
This is the separate parts of the song bounce, which was used in the movie. So enjoy the correct remix of bounce.

All rights reserved to the original artists, this remix is for non-profit educational purposes and dance choreography. I stand to create quality remixes for the enjoyment of others. I have sent this file to dance studios and teachers for class. Which really shows how much of an impact you can make if you share your hard work with others. I appreciate everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed this song.

Don't hate, just dance.

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