Lazytown - All of Stephanie's Outfits

By: LeSingeRose


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Every single one of Pinky's outfits from the standard pink dress to a fat clown! All in two minutes to the instrumental version of Bing-Bang. Enjoy it... or else. ^.^

List of Outfits in the Order of Appearance:

Standard Striped Pink Dress - (No specific episode)
Ballerina Outfit -- Lazytown's New Superhero
Baseball Outfit -- Sleepless in Lazytown
Birthday Outfit -- Happy Brush Day!
Clown Outfit -- The Lazytown Circus
Fat Clown Outfit - Lazytown's New Superhero
Dancing Suit -- Dancing Duel
Apron -- Hero for a Day
Garden Outfit w/o Hat - Dr. Rottenstein
Gypsy Outfit - The Lazytown Circus
Garden Outfit w/Hat -- Dr. Rottenstein
Sweatshirt & Hat -- The Laziest Town
Musketeer Outfit -- Prince Stingy
Nightgown -- (No specific episode)
Pirate Outfit -- RottenBeard
Rock-n-Roll Outfit -- Rockin' Robbie
Pajamas -- Birthday Surprise
School Jacket -- School Scam
Scouting Outfit -- Lazyscouts
Secret Agent -- Secret Agent Zero
Apron -- Haunted Castle
Snowy Outfit -- Surprise Santa
Vest & Scarf -- The Lazytown Snow Monster
Soccer Outfit -- Soccer Sucker/Play Day
Superhero Outfit -- Lazytown's New Superhero
Sweatshirt -- Cry Dinosaur
Tiger -- Play Day
Chef Outfit -- Swiped Sweets/Miss Roberta
Cowgirl -- Play Day
Track Suit -- Friends Forever/ School Scam
Sweatshirt w/ Tights -- Lazytown Goes Digital

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