Young Beautiful Actress Left Hollywood to Become a Cloistered Nun

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How a movie actress left Hollywood for a contract with God .She gave Elvis Presley his first on-screen kiss, was as beautiful as Grace Kelly and broke box office records.

Dolores Hart a convert to the Catholic Church recalled that when she and Elvis were supposed to kiss, they blushed. "My ears started getting purple, and even his ears started getting purple,"

she recalls. "They brought everybody over to brush our ears down with, um, paint or whatever it is." (ABC 20/20)

Abbey of Regina Laudis (Mother Dolores convent)

This is an authentic personal relationship with Jesus it's not a lips service or asking people if they have "relationship with Jesus?", you have to live it 24/7.

Try spending 1 weekend with these nuns or monks and you will be amaze how many young men and women had answered Jesus calls they are hidden not boasting.

Is God Calling You?

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