This Calling 100% FC 5GS* - Rock Band 2 Expert Drums ION Drum View

By: SSblind73


Uploaded on February 21, 2009 by SSblind73 Powered by YouTube - my website (would help if you click on the Ad for future costs in DLC!) - the pedal I use! "The Destroyer Pedal" guitars, drums, microphones and mods that you'll want as soon as you see them!
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This Calling was the hardest song in the ATR Pack for me to FC, and I've only got it twice EDIT: Three times now. I got it on stream just for fun once. Expect a full band FC soon! This was the reFC that I got right after Critical Acclaim (hence the same shirt) and I decided to upload this one for the weekend.

2 Feet, 1 pedal. Not double bass. PS: I don't care if you can do it with one foot, and I don't care if you're going to say I suck.

I hope you guys enjoy, this reaction wasn't as good as the others because I didn't get the right path (I did, but I was supposed to not connect the last OD so I could use it for the end).

intro music: hester prynne by as blood runs black

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