Wrestlemania 28 - Triple H Vs Undertaker Ft. Shawn Michaels - "End of an Era" Hell in a Cell Match

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Shawn rings the bell and they go at it trading right hands. Taker knocks Triple H back first and unloads in...
Shawn rings the bell and they go at it trading right hands. Taker knocks Triple H back first and unloads in the corner. Taker drops HHH with a big right hand. HHH comes right back and takes Taker to the corner. Taker turns it around and beats HHH back down. Taker tosses HHH out of the ring and follows with more offense. HHH turns it around and throws Taker into the Cell. Taker takes back control and back drops HHH onto the floor. Taker hits a series of headbutts on HHH. Taker continues the assault on HHH outside of the ring and chokes him now. Shawn tries to get involved and Taker brushes him off. This doesn't sit well with Shawn. Taker takes HHH back to the Cell wall and slams him back into the steel steps. Taker whips HHH much harder into the steps this time. Taker brings it back in the ring. HHH barely connects with a right hand but connects with a facebuster. Triple H turns around to a big clothesline and goes down. Taker works HHH over some more and hits Old School from the ropes. They go back to the floor and Taker takes the steps apart. He grabs the bottom piece and decks HHH in the face with it. Taker grabs the top part of the steps and slides it in the ring with HHH. Taker pulls HHH to the apron and drops the big leg drop. HHH comes back with a DDT out of nowhere. HHH goes for a Pedigree on top of the steps but Taker backdrops him to the mat. Taker pounds HHH with rights now and slams him into the steps again. Taker charges but HHH grabs him and hits a spinebuster on top of the steel steps for a thick thud. Taker grabs HHH and applies Hell's Gate out of nowhere. Shawn checks on HHH. HHH overpowers and lifts Taker up for a powerbomb. HHH covers for a 2 count. HHH goes under the ring and brings two chairs in. He hits Taker in the gut and over the back with a chair shot. HHH grabs the steel steps and props it up in the corner. HHH slams Taker head first into the steps and he goes down. HHH with another chair shot to the back, and another. HHH unloads with a series of big chair shots until Shawn pulls him back. HHH with another chair shot. HHH continues hitting Taker with the edge of the chair and another shot to the back. Michaels comes over again. HHH throws the chair away and tells Shawn to do it then. Shawn tells HHH to just cover him. Shawn checks on Taker now. HHH pulls Shawn away and he falls to the mat. HHH with more chairshots to Taker. HHH tells Shawn to end it or he will. Shawn checks on Taker but he won't quit. Taker tells Shawn do not stop the match.