Gun Shot So Slow You Can See the Bullet

By: ultraslo


Uploaded on April 01, 2007 by ultraslo Powered by YouTube

We have hundreds of UltraSlo slow motion clips posted on our channel. we have a reedit and enhanced version of this clip @
Bullet exiting the barrel of a Revolver in slow motion. The use of very high frame rate cameras helps to make an awesome image that you would never expect to see. We also spend time on lighting, composition, timing and postproduction to provide exceptional value to clients. GOOD NEWS NOW YOU CAN DOWNLOAD MOST OF YOUR FAVORATE ULTRASLO CLIPS ON YOUTUBE. This will help us produce more clips for your viewing pleasure. Don't forget we read comments, appreciate ratings, welcome subscribers, and encourage sharing of our channel. Please pass the channel to your friends and post links on sharing sites. Thank you and enjoy

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