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Gupt: The Hidden Truth

Gupt: The Hidden Truth' (English: Secret) is a Bollywood suspense thriller movie released in 1997, directed by Rajiv Rai. The film starred Bobby Deol, Manisha Koirala, Kajol, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri and Raj Babbar. It was one of the biggest successes of 1997.
Gupt: The Hidden Truth was highly acclaimed for its storyline and soundtrack. It was director Rajiv Rai's third blockbuster after Tridev and Mohra.


Sahil Sinha(Bobby Deol) does not get along with his stepfather Governor Jaisingh Sinha(Raj Babbar) and goes out of his way to antagonise him, even though his stepfather makes every effort to reach out to him. Even Sahil's mother Sharada(Priya Tendulkar) is unable to bridge this gap. Sahil meets his childhood friend, Isha Diwan(Kajol), who is also the daughter of Jaisingh's secretary Ishwar Diwan (Paresh Rawal). Sahil and Isha soon fall in love.
Meanwhile, Jaisingh plans to arrange marriage of Sahil with Sheetal Choudhry(Manisha Koirala), daughter of a businessman Meghnath Chaudhary (Dalip Tahil). Meghnath and Jaisingh are old friends, while Sheetal loves Sahil secretly. Jaisingh decides to declare the marriage of Sahil and Sheetal on Sahil's birthday party. At the same time, Sahil decides to profess his love for Isha at same party. Naturally, hell breaks loose when both Sahil & Jaisingh announce their decisions. Sahil comes to fisticuffs & spits out dire warnings at Jaisingh. A thoroughly disllusioned Sheetal makes Sahil cool down & tells him to apologize to his stepfather.

Manisha Koirala as Sheetal Choudhry
Unknown to Sahil, a mysterious person has come to meet Jaisingh. After a quarrel, the person stabs Jaisingh to death. Sahil, who is unaware of the happenings, comes to ask for forgiveness from Jaisingh but realizes the situation too late. All circumstantial evidence prove that Sahil murdered Jaisingh. Sahil has not seen the criminal entering or leaving, but he has a clue with him: a locket probably belonging to the killer. Sahil, who is imprisoned, escapes with help of Sheetal and decides to find the killer. One by one, Sahil confronts all the people who testified against him and could have had a motive to kill Jaisingh.
Most of his suspects turn out to be red herrings. Then, Dr.Gandhi(Kulbhushan Kharbanda) informs him that he has some secret information. Sahil is called in the doctor's bungalow. However, Sahil is too late: The killer has killed Gandhi. Now, Gandhi's murder, too, falls on Sahil's ahoulders. Sahil's trouble increases when a no-nonsense police officer Udham Singh (Om Puri) is sent after him. Sahil's last hope is a minister(Prem Chopra), who might have a reason to kill. When Sahil tries to abduct the minister for questioning, Udham Singh holds him. After a standoff, Udham Singh realizes that Sahil maybe innocent. Sahil takes the minister as hostage.
Now, Singh starts investigation anew. Soon Singh proves that Jaisingh was murdered by Ishwar, because the latter was angry that victim berated Isha and Sahil's love. Ishwar tries to escape by holding Sahil's younger brother (Harsh Lunia) but is caught and arrested by officer Singh. Ishwar confesses his crimes. Meanwhile, Sahil and Isha are trying to make the minister speak, when Sheetal arrives and tells about Ishwar's arrest and confession. The minister is released and Sahil re-unites with his family.
Sahil is still unable to open the locket but loses interest in it after Ishwar's arrest. Here, the real killer is revealed to be still on loose & is intending to attack Singh. Meanwhile, Sahil's brother is able to dismantle the locket. Sahil finds a smaller part inside the locket. On opening that part, he is shocked to see his and Isha's portraits. At this point, the killer brutally assaults Singh and is revealed to be Isha.
Sahil goes to police station to confront Ishwar. Ishwar agrees that Isha is indeed the killer. He tells that Isha was obsessive about Sahil since childhood, which led to Dr.Gandhi and Jaisingh to send her to boarding. When the fight between Sahil and Jaisingh occurred, Isha lost her temper and went to confront Jaisingh. When he refused to accept her love for Sahil, she murdered him. Later, she murdered Gandhi as he was the only person who could have known the real killer.
Just then, Udham Singh's co-workers learn that he has been stabbed. Sahil realizes that Isha did this and now Sheetal is in danger. He calls Sheetal to warn her, but Isha has already come there. Isha tries to attack Sheetal. Sahil comes to Sheetal's residence to save her. Just when Sheetal is about to be killed, Singh comes and guns Isha down. Isha dies in Sahil's arms, smiling and confessing her love for him.

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