Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (Talkie - PC/DOS) Intro and Brief Gameplay Demonstration [18+]

By: DarkEvil87


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A friend, Solointhematrix, asked me to do this video. He's using it in a review he made of this game on this French blog here: As implied in the title of this video, only the intro of the game is shown, followed by a quick montage of the first few minutes of gameplay up to YouTube's time limit. This video is also supposed to give you a general idea of the humor and style of the game, which could lead you to try it, I hope! This game is the famed sequel to Maniac Mansion, which if you don't know, is a classic point-and-click adventure by LucasArts. This is the talkie version, which means the CD-ROM version, as opposed to the floppy version, with voice acting for the entire game. If you're old enough or just into DOS gaming in general, you might remember a time where LucasArts and Sierra made countless point-and-click games, of which many were excellent (I prefer the LucasArts' ones, but Sierra also made some classic series). It was a time where the adventure games were respected and coexisted peacefully with other genres. Of all the point-and-clicks I played to this day, this one remains the most playable, memorable, entertaining and fun of them all. Most often, it makes it in top 10 lists of adventure gamers and it's not a surprise. As it's been said, it's the sequel to Maniac Mansion (which is included and playable in-game) but it bears little ressemblance, which is not always good in most situations, but here, it works perfectly. They kept the location being a mansion and also some characters, like Bernard and the professor. The graphics are cartoony, the music sets the mood, the voice acting is good enough if you compare it to other stuff produced at the time and the puzzles are really fun and logic in a very bizarre way. To accomplish most of the puzzles, you need to interact with your characters who are stuck in different time periods (one in the past, one in the present and one in the future) in the same location, but with an appropriate look for the time period with different secondary characters and objectives. Not too long after the game starts, you get the option to send items between them and you can also control each of them at all times during the course of the game to do various things that affect the present and future in real-time. This is pretty ingenious, much more if you consider that the game was released in 1993, and I could go on all day about how great it is, but just try it, it's practically fun from beginning to end, so you shouldn't be disappointed. By the way, it's also available on Mac OS (it was made for Classic, but with projects like ScummVM or DOSBox, it should work on the latest Mac OS X and many other OSes like Windows Vista and even Linux). I suggest you try it, you owe it to yourself.

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