Smallville: Lois and Clark's Stages of Love - Close Your Eyes

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Okay, when Ted and Robin were together on How I Met Your Mother in Season 2, there was one episode where at the beginning Ted described the stages of how Robin fell in love with Ted. It's a great episode and a great show if you haven't seen it.
And by stages, I mean the different stages Robin went through while she was falling in love with Ted.

(Unfortunately the only video I can find of this scene is here, in case you're curious: )

But I was thinking about it the other day and I had this great epiphany of how that concept of Robin's stages of love can be applied to Lois and Clark (Smallville). It was pretty darn exciting, actually. So, I made this video. With the voiceover/narration from that episode of How I Met Your Mother. Hopefully it's easy to follow - it's split Lois first, then Clark because I wanted there to be a distinction, andddd I hope you like it :].

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