Scar and Shere Khan's Duel (READ DESCRIPTION)

By: bibleanddisneyfan


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Ok. I've been wanting to make a video of Scar and Shere Khan for a while, but I didn't know how to not interfere with the plots of AnimalMan's videos. Well, I figured it out! This video is dedicated to him and LightningProduction for their videos that inspired this! The plot of this video does not have anything to do with their videos as far as plot and characters meeting. Also, I tried to keep similarities between their videos and mine to a minimum. So, here's the plot: Shere Khan is about to eat a deer when he is interrupted by Scar singing. He insults Scar's singing and interrogates Scar about where Mowgli is. Scar, out of anger, lies and tells him that he's at the elephant graveyard. Then, he briefly talks to Kaa and joyfully finds out the tiger's name. Then, he calls Kaa an idiot for falling backwards. Shere Khan realizes that Scar lied, and he confronts Scar who just became king after killing Mufasa. I had the whole plot revolve around the plot of the original film. Anyway, Shere Khan confronts Scar who runs and has the hyenas attack. Shere Khan escapes their grasp and reaches the ledge where Scar stands. He knocks Scar out and laughs. Then, the hyenas attack Shere Khan again and eat him. So, Scar remains king until the end of the original film. Hope you like it! Enjoy! God bless! By the way, I will make Scar and Morgana soon. I just have to get Morgana clips again.
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