Muhapet in Trabzon Karadeniz Pontos Kemence Lyra Pontiaka

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This video was recorded 1997 at the resteraunt area behind our Hotel opposite the main square of Trabzon (Trapezounta) at the southern shore of the Black Sea (Karadeniz / Pontos / Northern Turkey).

With the group of 50 from Greece organised by Author Georgos Andreadis (book Tamama) we were joined by a group of Locals, many from the "Rum" speaking regions of Tonia for a get together Muhapet ("muhabbet" - a Turkish word of Arabic origin meaning "conversation, chatting and company"? - thanks UlucReis)...

A great night all together singing dancing with the Kemence, My sister Simela and I demonstrated some dances. Giannis Nikolaidis played and sung as well. A must visit to all a great area and the greatest people are the black sea people...

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