Kisah Kasih Di Sekolah, Chrisye (Cover by Nlpeter)

By: nlpeter1


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This song is about "those good old school days". It creates a sense of nostalgia and romance. For me it has a slightly different meaning. It does remind me of my trips in Indonesia where I was often approached by friendly school kids, shouting "Hello Mister!!".

The photographs in the video are part of my personal travel-photo collection. They were taken in Sulawesi (Tanah Torajah), Malaysia (Penang), Pacitan (East-Java) and Pangandaran (West-Java).

If you want to know why I sing Indonesian songs please checkout the extensive interview with me at
I think it will answer most of your questions.

Many people ask me for guitar tabs or chords. I never use them or write them down, so I can't provide them.

Download mp3's or listen to multitrack recordings of Indonesian songs at . I make home recordings of Indonesian songs. I sing all vocals and play all instruments (guitars, keyboards).

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