Ricky Martin Cancels Gig for a Date!

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Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stereotudecom/197769036900455 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/stereotude Ricky Martin Cancels a Gig to Go on a Date! Ricky Martin lives up to the Latin Lover ideal as he reveals he cancelled a high paying job for love- calling it the most expensive date ever! The Livin La Vida Loca singer was booked to perform at a concert where thousands of screaming fans would be giving out plenty of love- but he turned it down for the one man that he loves. Ricky Martin says he had his manager do the dirty work- who came up with an excuse for why Ricky wouldn't do the show, so he could spend time with this partner of four years Carlos Gonzalez Abella. Ricky reasoned quote, 'I had one day. I thought 'You live in another country, I live in another country. This is incredible and I feel amazing." Sure, fans may have been disappointed in the cancelled concert, but it seems that love has conquered all as Ricky Martin has two beautiful children with his partner... and is still shaking those hips with a recent guest starring role on Glee to- surprise, surprise- rave reviews.
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