Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Final Battles & Full Ending

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Please, read: There is a part where the vis goes slow. (at 32:20 more or less) I solved the problem as fast as I can (in about 30 secs), so please, don't blame me for that.

From my boss guide, part 17

Hard mode - Final bosses

Genesis Avatar:

Hp Normal mode: 600.000

HP hard mode: About 900.000


Hp Normal Mode: 99.999

Hp Hard Mode: About 650.000

And the battle vs the soldiers, impossible to win but I killed as much as I can.

And of course, the full ending. I cut most of the credits to make it shorter.

Here finish my Bosses Guide, I must recommend, for you that don't have this game yet... buy it! Is awesome. And thanks to the people have been fallowing my vids, I am glad if you have liked them! =)

Of course, even being my guide finished I will keep doing Crisis Core AND FFX vids =D. I have in mind do a dmw copilation vid and one showing how to get costly punch, at was requested.

Oh, and to the question that Zack makes (Would you say I became a hero) I say YES!! xDD

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