5 Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Inspired By Guitar Riff Series

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I'm Rob your guitar teacher.

In this series of inspired by riffs, I'll be taking you through hundreds (and I do mean hundreds!) of the greatest guitar riffs of all time, breaking them down to discuss what makes them great. For copyright reasons, however, we wont be sharing the music to nor discussing how to play any particular song, but instead, what we can learn from each riff and how we can become inspired by them. I'll also show you how you can create your own "inspired by riff" based on what you've learned.

In addition, I encourage you to upload your video responses to each riff so that we can share with each other learn more efficiently as a community. If you have a special request for a song or riff you'd like to become "inspired by", just send me a quick message with the song title and artist, and I'll gladly consider it for the series.

If you've ever been confused with the music theory stuff, check out the products I've created to help you learn the advanced stuff and set your progress into hyper drive;


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