Disney - Aladdin - A Whole New World (piano Cover)

By: kylelandry


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Ah, I had to literally TRAIN myself to get the page turning right on this one. Man was it difficult. The second turn is right after the climax starts too! Seriously, it was just complete luck that I managed to turn it and hit the next chord without a mistake O.O

I bent the corners of the pages for smoother turns, try it if you don't mind slightly damaging your sheets :P.

So anyway, I remember I always had the hardest time trying to fix up a juicy arrangement of this song. I first bought this Disney book when I was about 12, and I never enjoyed playing this piece. Finally, six years later, I have come up with something presentable. So, naturally, I wanted to show you guys!

Hope you like... haha, did you notice some of the runs I used in the climax sound like the one at the end of my True Light video?



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