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From the new singletrack mountain bike course at Elm Creek Park Reserve, to guided rides for groups of bike enthusiasts, the cycling community is growing. If you've ever considered getting into the sport there are more options than ever before. The gear can run from relatively inexpensive choices, up into the thousands. Travis Dorweiler from Maple Grove Cycling shares some suggestions to help you get started. HOW TO JOIN IN If you are interested in joining a FREE group ride, Maple Grove Cycling offers guided store rides each week for cyclists of all skill levels. The group rides run through September. No registration is required, simply show up at the designated meeting point. RELAXED RIDE -Time: Varied Sundays, 12:00.Confirm on TCBC.org ride schedule -Route: A social ride around area lakes and bike trails often riding to Elm Creek Park. -Distance: 10-15 miles -Avg. Speed: 10-12 mph -Terrain: Flat, some hills -Est. Time: 1-1.5 hours -Ride Fee: $2.00 (TCBC-Twin City Bike Club Members-no fee) ROAD RIDE -Time: Monday, 5:30 p.m. -Route: Swift, fast paced ride taking the same routes as the Wednesday challenege ride. Fitness and road rider's welcome. -Distance: 25-34 miles -Avg. Speed: " B " level, 18 +mph -Est. Time: 1.5-2 hours FITNESS RIDE -Time: Tuesday, 6 p.m -Route: Fitness ride riding east and north of Maple Grove Cycling. Starting fitness and road riders will like this ride. -Distance: 18 miles -Avg. Speed: " C " level, 14-16 mph -Terrain: Flat, few hills -Est. Time: 1-1.5 hours CHALLENGE ROAD RIDE -Time: Wednesday, 5:30 p.m -Route: Fast paced, longer distance ride.Take in the scenic northwest suburbs on a road bike. This ride will challenge the serious fitness orientated cyclist while developing speed, endurance, and strength. We will look to build a base early in the season, with ride speeds progressing throughout the season. -Distance: 30-40 miles -Avg. Speed: " A" level, 20 + mph -Terrain: Flat and hilly, strenuous -Est. Time: 2-2.5 hours (depending on route) WOMEN'S ROAD RIDE -Time: Thursday, 6 p.m. -Route: Swift, fast paced ride for women taking the same routes as the Wednesday challenege ride. Fitness and road rider's welcome. -Distance: 25-34 miles -Avg. Speed: " B " level, 18 +mph -Est. Time: 1.5-2 hours -Brick Option: 3-5 mile run after the ride MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE -Time: Saturday, 9:15 a.m -Route: The new Elm Creek Park Reserve mountain bike trails. -Distance: 20 miles. Roughly 8 miles on sidewalks & road to / from Elm Creek Park. The mountain bike loop is approximately 12 miles. -Avg. Speed: Varies. The ride to mand from the park will be moderateOn the trail speeds can vary. Riders can go at their own speed preference. -Terrain: Single track trail with varied technical difficulty. -Est. Time: 1.5-2 hours Click here for a more group information from Maple Grove Cycling. Also... Maple Grove Cycling offers a bicycle club for $49.99/year. Click here to learn more. http://twelve.tv/ http://www.facebook.com/12localnews http://twitter.com/12LocalNews
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