FULL Trayvon Martin Shooting 911 Call - Listen to Trayvon Martin Getting Shot

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Help Repeal The "Stand Your Ground" Law. Only You Can Do It. *******www.youtube****/watch?v=20_...
Help Repeal The "Stand Your Ground" Law. Only You Can Do It. *******www.youtube****/watch?v=20_qR--xw_I Why is this specific video IMPORTANT? It has all the links BELOW, [Click SHOW MORE] to help the Trayvon Martin family. A subsequent video has the evidence that this is a HATE CRIME. READ MORE... TRIBUTE : *******www.youtube****/watch?v=kkU3VlOqF9A Click "LIKE" Above left To Share This Petition Via Facebook. Read more below. We want to ABOLISH Florida's "STAND YOUR GROUND" Law. It is unjust and fuels racism. Geraldo says it's Trayvon's Fault *******www.youtube****/watch?v=9H9Mz4Kpzc0 Tomorrow, it could be our child. Can we expect strangers to remain quiet? They say, there is no EVIDENCE. This is why every one needs to hear this. Why is this specific video important? It has all the links, which will help the Martin family and a subsequent video has the evidence that this is a HATE CRIME. Please share this video and make a petition to support the Trayvon Martin family and only through your relentless pressure, justice can be done. There are many still who do not know the details. Trayvon Martin Official Change**** Petition Page : *******www.change****/petitions/prosecute-the-killer-of-our-son-17-year-old-trayvon-martin Trayvon Martin Official Facebook Page : ********www.facebook****/pages/Justice-For-Trayvon-Martin/278155035593734 Trayvon's family has asked us to post this donation link as they are trying to raise money for the rally on Monday as well as future legal fees. We have verified that this is the official donation page for the family: ********www.wepay****/donations/3819 Martin Family Legal Team : *******www.parkscrump****/ Please help however you can. Thank you. Write to Florida state lawmakers to protest the "Stand Your Ground" law. You have more power than you think. Please exercise it. Trayvon Martin Sanford Gov Investigation *******sanfordfl.gov/investigation/trayvon_martin.html Please share this video with all your friends and ask them to make a petition to support the Trayvon Martin family. The video has Trayvon Martin's Facebook page, a Change**** petition page, The Martin family attorney website and official donation page links. It is easier to send them to all this way. Treyvon, of Miami Gardens, died Feb. 26, after George Zimmerman called Sanford Police to report someone suspicious in his gated townhouse complex. The call was one of many from the 28-year-old Zimmerman to police over the years; it was also one of several when he called to report the presence of a black male. Zimmerman, an aspiring police officer who once attended a citizen police academy, told police he fired in self defense after the young man came at him from behind and attacked him. He was not charged, sparking national outrage that has spread to Congress. ABC News has uncovered questionable police conduct in the investigation of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white neighborhood watch captain in Florida, including the alleged "correction" of at least one eyewitness' account. Sanford Police Chief Billy Lee said there is no evidence to dispute self-appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman's assertion that he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin out of self-defense. "Until we can establish probable cause to dispute that, we don't have the grounds to arrest him," Lee said. Martin had been staying at his father's girlfriend's house during the night of the NBA All-Star game Feb. 26. The teenager went out to get some Skittles and a can of ice tea. On his way back, Martin, wearing a hood, was spotted by Zimmerman, 28. According to law enforcement sources who heard Zimmerman's call to a non-emergency police number, he told a dispatcher "these a..holes always get away." Zimmerman described Martin as suspicious because he was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and walking slowly in the rain. A dispatcher told him to wait for a police cruiser, and not leave his vehicle. But about a minute later, Zimmerman left his car wearing a red sweatshirt and pursued Martin on foot between two rows of townhouses, about 70 yards from where the teen was going. Lee said Zimmerman's pursuit of Martin did not of itself constitute a crime. Witnesses told ABC News a fist fight broke out and at one point Zimmerman, who outweighed Martin by more than 100 pounds, was on the ground and that Martin was on top. Austin Brown, 13, was walking his dog during the time of the altercation and saw both men on the ground but separated. Brown along with several other residents heard someone cry for help, just before hearing a gunshot. Police arrived 60 seconds later and the teen was quickly pronounced dead.