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Yes it is done I am back :) Back during my birthday Countdown i posted a preview for a special video that was gonna dig back into my roots. the reasons why i started this youtube channel almost 2 years ago. it was because of the magic that is the soap opera. the couples and characters you connect with thru generations and with time they never get old they just become classics apart of your family. so with this video i was showing my love for what started it all. My vidding, it happened because of this genre and i am proud to be a soap fan I have finally completed this video. I have been working on this for so many months and i love it so so much. So when i first heard this song i wanted to do a date or jarr video to this song but than i got this crazy idea to add all my favorite couples from daytime. fyi there is alot more couples i love these are just my top ones that i am never gonna let go :) So Yes this video is almost 6 minutes long and i had so much fun exploring all these couples relationships the ups the downs the good the bad the crazy the deaths the heartbreaks and the fights for love :) I am so proud of this video as for the coloring i like it on most clips for the ones that arent i apologize for the darkness or blurriness of anything i happen to be my biggest fan and my biggest critic so please honesty would be whats best and i really hope you guys enjoy i love all these couples so much for so many different reasons and before i ramble on too much i have to get a little sleep before my first day back to school :) Couples: Mabby;Jarr;Spixie;Fess;Ashby;Jolisa;Fang;Liason;Date;Colah;Ethina;Scannie Fandoms: GH, OLTL, AMC Coloring: Me I try to keep all parts even I do not own anything but the editing
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