FFVII Advent Children Complete HD Footage: Cloud Vs Sephiroth Omnislash Version 6 in Japanese

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Published 20 Jul 2011
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
Square-Enix 2009

Please support Square-Enix and buy the produc...
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete
Square-Enix 2009

Please support Square-Enix and buy the product when it's released in your region:
Japan April 16th 2009
North America June 2nd 2009.

As promised, a taste of the new footage from Advent Children Complete. There is both new scenes and old scenes that have been revamped like this one. This is only recorded from in front of my TV so watch in HD for a better picture. But there's no way to appreciate the true beauty of the visuals without buying the Blu-Ray and watching it on a HD TV for yourself. The trail effects when Cloud performs Omnislash V5 look stunning and the whole film just looks like it's been significantly upgraded.

Explanation of the Japanese in the clip: 
(0:16) Cloud: "Aware da na." 

aware = pitiable, pitiful, pathetic
da na =  you don't really need to understand this to get the meaning of the sentence, you could read it as "isn't it"

Aware da na = "It's pitiful"
(0:18) Cloud: "Anta wa nanimo wakatteinai."

Anta wa = you
nanimo = nothing (when used with a negative verb like the next word)
wakatteinai = don't understand, not understanding

Anta wa nanimo wakatteinai = "You don't understand nothing" but we would say "You don't understand anything" in English.
(0:22) Cloud: "Taisetsu jya nai mono nanka nai."

taisetsu = important
jya nai = not, negates things e.g. banana jya nai = "not a banana"
mono = thing
nanka = something, things like......
nai = similar to "jya nai" it negates

Taisetsu jya nai mono nanka nai = There's nothing that's not important
(note, this is in response to Sephiroth's previous line where he asks what the most important thing for Cloud is, because he wants the pleasure of taking it from him)
(1:00) Cloud: "Omoide no naka de, jitto shiteitekure."

omoide = memories
no = possesive e.g. "Cloud no power" means Cloud's power
naka = center, middle, inside
jitto = motionlessly, still, patiently, restrained
shiteitekure = don't really want to get into the break up of this but it's basically a request to do something

Omoide no naka de, jitto shiteitekure = "Be still in my memories"
(1:10) Sephiroth: "Watashi wa omoide ni wa naranai sa."

Watashi wa = I
omoide = memories
ni wa = just particles, not really important for you to understand the meaning, can be read as "in terms of" e.g. "watashi ni wa..." = "in terms of me..."
naranai = wont become 
sa = not important, just means your informing someone about something

Watashi wa omoide ni wa naranaisa = "I wont become a memory" (or more literally "In terms of memories.......I'm not gonna become one")

Read, learn, and then you can watch the clip and understand the original words in Japanese yourself, without reading subtitles. I'm am far from an expert in Japanese but I'm trying my best to learn since I live here. Good luck.
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