City of Orlando Fire Department - Grove Apartement Fire

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This was a 2 alarm fire on September 1, 2007 in station 11's first due on Conway Rd.

Without every single piece of equipment and every single firefighter on that scene, we most certainly would have had a loss of life.

Just listen to the mother on the phone as she was trapped in her bathroom with smoke and flames coming in, and she had no way out.

The City of Orlando is laying-off 46 firefighters in order to pay for such things as the performing arts center, the citrus bowl renovation, etc. All things that need to eventually come to Orlando but, not on the backs of your police and firefighters. The truth of the matter is that we don't need a NEW performing arts center when our nation is in the middle of a financial crisis. We need to maintain the highest level of service possible and you just can't do that with fewer personnel and closing down stations. Folks, we need you to help us gather as much support as you can through friends, co-workers, family. HELP US REACH 5,000 SUPPORTERS. SHARE THIS PAGE WITH EVERYONE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST AND THEN HAVE THEM DO THE SAME. Anyone can express their outrage...and believe me, they're listening.


Watch this news clip to see what's happening:

Mayor Buddy Dyers office 407 246 2221

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