Fu Jian Yong Chun White Crane Kung Fu Shr San Tai Bau

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13 treasures / 13 defences from Yong Chun - I think the teacher of your teacher is the teacher of my teacher - Pan xiouw de - hence our forms are very similar and from the Ong Gong Shr Wu Shu Guan. ( this is loaded in reply to Arlen ). This form has been standardised for a long time - hence the 100% similarity to the form as practiced in the Tiger Crane system by Master Tan in Singapore and Ian Armstrong in the UK which is clear proof for this version being as practiced a long time ago 4 generations ago.

N.B. anybody who has trained this form - there is one move in particular which I have seen performed in different way - it is the one you think I am doing wrong! if you have done this form you will know which one.

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Martin Watts

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