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JAYZINHO was one of the of the athletes that did the Mo-Cap for FIFA STREET 4! JAYZINHO will also have his ...
JAYZINHO was one of the of the athletes that did the Mo-Cap for FIFA STREET 4! JAYZINHO will also have his own character in the game as a Street Legend ! All the skills shown in this video will be in the game ! CHECK OUT: ***********/watch?v=Hw64ZYrb3Zk&feature=channel_video_title Twitter : JAYZINHO10 J10 Futbol entertains all aspects of life. We are able to motivate and influence youth in participating in a healthy lifestyle. We influence them to practice discipline and build character by teaching them new skills and at the same time having fun. J10 Futbol is a soccer developmental program designed for kids that want to learn the beautiful game of soccer while experiencing the newest hype, freestyle soccer. Everyone strives to be a perfect 10 in all that they do. J10 Futbol's main objective is to make this possible by providing intense developmental training so that every kid can become a perfect 10 player. J10 Futbol focuses on all aspects of the game but pays special attention to the style of play. With J10, children learn ultimate ball control, increase their fitness, gain strength and improve their overall game tactics all with the addition of a South American type of flair. The goal of J10 is to lead these children to improvements in all of these areas which will result in them being the best players that they can be. Anyone can teach a child how to play soccer. The difference between what these other soccer institutes have to offer and what J10 Futbol offers is that we teach these soccer skills while incorporating an element of South American attacking style. By incorporating and focusing on freestyle tricks and flicks it allows these kids to be noticed and stand apart on top of the rest, giving these kids great confidence with the ball especially for taking players on. It becomes a huge advantage over the opposition, keeping them on their toes and making them very intimidated. The team of coaches here at J10 have all played at top levels or have been trained by professionals such as Carlos Rivas who is an 18-year veteran of professional soccer, was a finalist in Copa America in 1979 and played for Chile in the 1982 World Cup and Stephane Adam who played professionally across France and Scotland, winning titles in both countries to the Olympian Canadian 100 meter sprinter Ben Johnson, teaching them all about fitness and speed. One of the most influential teachers that has helped the coaches get to the point that they are today is Steve "Eli Freeze" Elias. He has been ranked the #1 freestyler in North America and is known as a Freestyle Legend around the world, He is the pioneer of freestyle soccer and is the founder/CEO of Freestyle Soccer Inc. The coaches and instructors have all had tremendous experience in training and learning from these professionals in order to be the best that they can be and have now devoted their time to teach others the beautiful game of soccer J10 STYLE! Jason "Jayzinho" Quezada is the founder and CEO of J10 Futbol. Jason, the half Chilean, half Italian, has been playing soccer since the age of 3 and has been freestyling since 16. Being inspired by the legendary Brazilian player Ronaldinho at his prime and being fortunate enough to be mentored by the legendary freestyler himself Steve "Eli Freeeze" Elias, it has allowed Jason to become the fantastic soccer player and freestyler that he is today. He has played professional soccer in France Ligue 1 for Lille (reserve team) and in Chile Primera Division for Everton (reserve team). He has also been a part of the Canadian National Training Program. Having played at a professional level in both France and Chile he has had an enormous amount of experience playing and training with big names in the world. With 22 years of playing soccer, nearly 10 years of freestyling and all of the training he had received in his soccer career, Jason has been ranked the #3 freestyler in North America by Redbull. He is also a part of Freestyle Soccer Inc which some say is one the world's best freestyle/ street soccer team today and continues to play Futsal. Jason has been in several TV commercials, performed at numerous half time shows for teams such as REAL MADRID, INTER MILAN, CHELSEA, BARCELONA etc., and has made many TV appearances. After travelling the world, working with big name corporations such as Adidas, Hyundai, Sony, BMO, FIFA, Coca Cola and Budweiser etc., appearing on nearly every major television network across North America, meeting and performing for A-list celebrities and being taught by many great people, Jayzinho and his team of coaches are now dedicating their hearts and their time to giving back and teaching children all that they have learned throughout their years of playing soccer through J10 Futbol.