Sasuke--- Emo Boy

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I DO NOT HATE SASUKE! I'll admit, sometimes he gets on my nerves but I like him. The only thing I hate about him is that he abandoned his village for power. Still, just because I like Sasuke doesn't mean I can't make fun of him. xD

(Note: Looks better if you shrink it... :P)

Something I created on a whim. I came up with the song while I was in the shower two nights ago.

Yes, I know, my singing is "teh crap" but it's too much trouble to get someone else to come to my house and sing it for me.

And ignore the flapping collars and all the other amature mistakes I made while "animating." It was late at night and I was tired.

This is a parody of Barbie Girl by Aqua. Naruto and all it's characters belong to Kishimoto-sensei and all those companies that bought the rights and such.

The lyrics to the parody and the singing was done by me. (Sadly.)


I'm an emo boy
I take away your joy
I'm such a let-down
I turn your smiles to frowns

My family is dead
I slit my wrists till they bleed red
The boys all hate me
The girls just want to date me

I'm a jerk and a twit
But that doesn't mean s***
Cuz I'm hot and you're not
Can you dig it?

You b******, you ran off
To Oro, you dumb goth
And we both know where
He likes to stick it!

And I cry
Every day
Cuz all my fangirls think I'm gay

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