CSI GSR 7x23 The Good, The Bad and The Dominatrix

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Don't say I didn't warn you.

Some scenes from last night's episode that I think are relevant to the GSR. My childish shipper comments:

1) Why did Cath had to bring even Terry up?!?! grrr

2) I love all of Jorja's faces during that conversation! I liked it when she took a pic not even looking.

3) I hated Grissom through the whole episode, why does he even know that LH is diabetic? grrrr

4) Sara's jealous streak: "You think it's her shade?" AWSOME LINE AND FACES (gotta love the actors and writers for these)

5) Does Jim know something about the GSR?

6) Did I mention that I hated Grissom through the whole episode? Why is he even hiding! I hate that stupid cup of tea and that "What's the fuzz all about" look on Grissom's face. GGRRR

7) Cath... you said it all.

8) Grissom being personal? (totally OOC) Did I already mention that I hated him?

9) Grissom being Grissom (doesn't say anything worthy) and Sara being Sara (overtalking around him)

10) I simply love Judy :D

11) AAAwwwww how cute. She gives Grissom the bottle... aaaand he doesnt care... hate him

12) HE HELD HIS HAND?!?!?! OMG I can't even describe how much I hate him

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